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Keep Smiling Plumbing Repair Service, Inc.
Snellville, Gwinnett County, Georgia
(770) 979-7997

Keep Smiling Plumbing, Gwinnett County Plumbing, Gwinnett County Plumber, Carl Keiser, Beverly Keiser, Adria Keiser, Brant Keiser
Keep Smiling Plumbing is a family-owned, family-operated, full-service plumbing business, serving Gwinnett County, Georgia. We are Master Plumbers and members of the Plumbing & Mechanical Association of Georgia.
Keep Smiling Plumbing
is there when you need us, ready to take care of any problem that you may have with your plumbing systems. We also have available a full line of quality replacement products if you want to upgrade or update.

We sell used, high-quality, replacement toilet tank lids.

Why buy a whole new toilet when only the lid is cracked?

toilet seats, toilet tank lids, replacement toilet lids


Call us @ (770) 979-7997 for:
Keep Smiling PlumbingPlumbing - Installation, Repair, Preventive Maintenance
Carl Keiser, Beverly Keiser, Adria Keiser, Brant KeiserWater Heaters
Bio-Clean, RV-KleenDrain Cleaning
Snellville plumber, Snellville plumbingHome Water and Sewer Lines
Gwinnett County, GeorgiaInstall and Repair Toilets, Faucets, Sinks and Water Heaters
Carl Keiser, Beverly Keiser, Adria Keiser, Brant KeiserInstallation of Appliances
Bio-Clean, RV-KleenBathroom and Kitchen Remodeling
gwinnett county plumber, gwinnett county plumbingSewage Ejection Pumps
Keep Smiling PlumbingInstall Ice Makers, Water Filters
Carl Keiser, Beverly Keiser, Adria Keiser, Brant KeiserStubbed Basement Remodeling
Bio-Clean, RV-KleenWe Sell Bio-Clean--an Enviromentally Safe Drain, Septic and Sewer Cleaner
Snellville plumber, Snellville plumbingGas Piping
Gwinnett County, GeorgiaMasterCard, Visa and Discover Accepted

(770) 979-7997

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(770) 979-7997
Carl Keiser, Beverly Keiser, Adria Keiser, Brant Keiser

We provide a full line of quality products and workmanship.
Georgia State Master Licensed.


Carl Keiser and Beverly Keiser proudly use Rheem Brant Keiser and Adria Keiser recommend The Bold Look of Kohler

Master Plumbers and members of the Plumbing and Mechanical Association of Georgia

Carl says:

"My name is Carl Keiser. I have been an avid RV’er for 30 years and a plumber since 1971; Master licensed since 1977. I joined the Good Sams Club in the early 90’s. I started giving seminars on The “Hole” Truth about black, gray and fresh water systems on RV’s in 2000. Maybe some of you have attended one.
I have a great and GREEN product called BIO-CLEAN™ that I have been using since 2004, and it has proven to work, consuming the black water waste in holding tanks. You will no longer be subjected to tank and line clogs because this product, like the “Pacman” video game; where those little critters eat all the dots, will consume all the waste."

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RV 5/8" High-Pressure Water Hoses  
Bio-Clean | RV High-Pressure Regulator

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