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Watts RV High-Pressure Water Regulator (PRV)

Many modern day RV's have household-type water lines and plumbing fixtures installed in them. Whatever the plumbing system, the RV needs to be protected from campground high water pressure by a pressure reducing valve (also known as a PRV for short).

High water pressure can do a lot of harm to the plumbing system of an RV, even in small doses. Why protect a coach that costs as much as a house with a cheap, dime-store regulator? It should be protected with a good, reliable, quality-brand Watts household regulator.

Our regulators are shipped with female swivel and male, industrial brass, hose-threaded adapters, ready to be hooked up to our 5/8" smooth-bore, high-pressure hoses. You will get more waterflow through our hoses and regulators.

Our regulators are made to supply pressure and volume to multiple household bathroom fixtures in a house, so therefore, there will be
no more trickle effect at the showerhead in your one-bathroom RV!

RV'ers -- See our Special Offer before you order !!

The perfect companion to our 5/8" High-Pressure Water Hoses !!

Watts RV High-Pressure Water Regulator

Watts High-Pressure RV Water Regulator

Only $75, plus $12.00 S & H (lower 48 United States only. Call toll-free, 1-866-553-3678 for shipping prices elsewhere.)

RV'ers -- See our Special Offer before you order !! 

Special Note
: for multiple orders, call toll-free,
78, for special shipping discounts.

Shipping available within continental U.S. only.

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