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A New Approach Ends Holding Tank Odors!

Nothing Attacks Waste Like:


Science has known for decades that toilet waste contains a large number of certain microbes. Under the conditions found in RV holding tanks, these organisms actual produce noxious odors.

When chemical treatments were first introduced, most of the products available used formaldehyde to kill the microbes. Little has changed since then. Although there are formaldehyde-free products on the market today, many of them just use some other toxic ingredient.

Although these products do kill bacteria, what happens to the stinky waste itself? Do you know what chemicals do to the rancid, acidified fats or smelly, undigested proteins in the waste? They act as preservatives! (Formaldehyde is embalming fluid). Do you want to preserve the stinky muck or destroy it?

A Testimonial to RV-Kleen™:

My name is Carl Keiser. I have been an avid RV’er for 30 years and a plumber since 1971, Master licensed since 1977. I joined the Good Sams Club in the early 90’s. I started giving seminars on The “Hole” Truth about black, gray and fresh water systems on RV’s in 2000. Maybe some of you have attended one. I have a great and
GREEN product called RV Kleen, that I have been using since 2004, and it has proven to work, consuming the black water waste in holding tanks.
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A revolution is here!
Thanks to recent research, a product is now available that works on a completely different principle. It's called RV Kleen™. The product uses a process called biostabilization that actually disassembles and destroys organic waste at the molecular level!

Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates (which would otherwise feed the odor causing microbes), are literally ripped to pieces and converted into other, odorless substances.

Odor causing microbes are deprived of their food source, and for the first time you now have a way to deodorize the foul smelling muck itself! RV Kleenattacks and destroys toilet waste instead of preserving it. The result: dramatically better odor control!

Easy Dumping--Liquefies Muck
When RV Kleen™ converts the solid portion of waste into other substances, what's left is a liquid. As you can imagine, this makes dumping easier and faster. Try it and see.

Attack Toilet Paper
RV Kleen™ is formulated to rip apart ALL organic toilet waste. That means it destroys toilet paper too! Chemicals won't do that!



Order revolutionary RV Kleen™ today and discover a whole new approach to eliminating tank odors.
Call 1-866-KleenRV or toll-free, 1-866-553-3678, for bulk shipping discounts!!

Another testimonial to RV-Kleen™:

We have used a lot of different RV holding tank products over the years, each one having made claims that sounded great at the time. However, as we gained more and more camping experience, we grew more skeptical about cost versus personal benefit, as well as how many of these products imposed negative impacts on our environment.
When we were first introduced to RV Kleen, we initially felt that same skepticism...
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Acceptable at all Dump Stations
Toxic chemicals will cause huge problems for all septic systems. Increasingly, RV parks and campgrounds are raising dumping fees or refusing to take chemically treated waste altogether. RV Kleen™ is different. It is toxin free and causes no upsets in the septic treatment processes.RV Kleen contains no formaldehyde or other disinfectants, no petroleum distillates, toxic solvents, caustics or acids.

Environmentally Beneficial
Most of the products claiming to be environmentally friendly are really just environmentally neutral. They may be less harmful than other products in their category, but they do not actively improve the ecology.

RV Kleen™, on the other hand, is actually environmentally beneficial. Remember, RV Kleen™ destroys organic waste, which is exactly the goal of RV parks and campgrounds. Waste that has been pre-treated by RV Kleen™ puts less of a load on treatment facilities. RV Kleen™ will keep working even after dumping. By destroying more waste, parks and campgrounds themselves will pollute less--creating a cleaner environment for all of us.

Easy to Use
RV Kleen™ is a dry powder formula that is easily mixed with water. The microbes in RV Kleen™ quickly come to life and attack the toilet waste, eliminating odors almost immediately. And we're sure you will appreciate its fast-acting performance.

Order RV-Kleen using convenient online ordering.  Only $34.95, plus $7.00 S&H.  Get two jars shipped for the price of one!!

Only $34.95 + $7.00 S&H (lower 48 United States) for a 1 pound jar!!
Call 1-866-KleenRV or toll-free, 1-866-553-3678, for bulk shipping discounts and shipping prices elsewhere!!

Shipping available within continental U.S. only.

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