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Bio-Clean™ Testimonials:

My name is Carl Keiser. I have been an avid RV’er for 30 years and aCarl Keiser, Master Plumber plumber since 1971; Master licensed since 1977. I joined the Good Sams Club in the early 90’s. I started giving seminars on The “Hole” Truth about black, gray and fresh water systems on RV’s in 2000. Maybe some of you have attended one.
I have a great and GREEN product called Bio-Cleanthat I have been using since 2004, and it has proven to work, consuming the black water waste in holding tanks. You will no longer be subjected to tank and line clogs because this product, like the “Pacman” video game; where those little critters eat all the dots, will consume all the waste.
Bio-Clean eliminates odors and you will not have that chemical smell lingering in your coach. Plus, chemical products only preserve waste and mask odors, and are not necessarily good for the environment. Bio-Clean is a freeze-dried, friendly bacterium that, when it wakes up in water, its only job in life is to eat waste and paper. In fact, if you use Bio-Clean™, you can stop using expensive RV toilet paper and switch to a less expensive, household paper like Scott tissue, which is septic friendly. When you dump your tanks you will only have brackish water coming out; no solid waste to clog things up.
We, as RV’ers, need to be the first ones to practice GREEN habits. Many states are closing their dump stations because they are too expensive to service. The chemicals from your black water tank will not allow the waste to break down; therefore, they have to keep trucks coming to pump the waste out of the dump tank.
is good for septic systems and is accepted anywhere, and your campground of choice will appreciate the fact that you are being environmentally active.
If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Remember, there are no problems, only solutions. Happy trails.

We have used a lot of different RV holding tank products over the years,Jack recommends RV-Kleen
each one having made claims that sounded great at the time. However, as we gained more and more camping experience, we grew more skeptical about cost versus personal benefit, as well as how many of these imposed negative impacts on our environment.
When we were first introduced to Bio-Clean, we initially felt that same skepticism; but the more we studied the science behind the concept, it became clear that this was a product we and the environment could live with. I especially like the fact that Bio-Clean not only destroys the toilet paper, but also the organic waste in our holding tanks, therefore destroying the foul odors. And, it continues to work in the septic systems long after dumping.
If more of us used this product and campground/RV park owners were made aware of the benefits to them, it could help prevent the closure of dump stations throughout the country. That is good for you, good for us and good for the environment!
Jack Gatewood

In June of 2004, we were camping in the state of Washington when we experienced clogging in our black water tank. We tried everything weJim and Max could to get the problem resolved, barring going into a RV repair shop. We knew Carl Keiser, who is a Master Licensed Plumber, and who also works on RV’s, and thought we would give him a call to see if he could help us, even though he was in the state of Georgia.
He asked us where we would be camping for the next five consecutive days, since we were traveling around the United States. He knew we did not sit still in one place very long. We told Carl we were headed for West Yellowstone and gave him the address for the campground, because he was going to send us some Bio-Clean to put in our tank for a five-day soak.
Low and behold, true to his word, the Bio-Clean was at the campground when we arrived. We filled our black water tank with as much water as we could get in, added the amount of Bio-Clean Carl told us to and let it sit in our tank for five days. After five days, we pulled the dump valve, turned on the rinse and the loosened debris came right out of our tank. He said that Bio-Clean was able to consume the blockage in that five-day period.
We have been a firm believer and user of Bio-Cleanever since. Someone who knew what he was doing and had a product that works made our trip across the United States a lot less stressful.
Jim and Maxine Tomlinson



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